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  • Grow an engaged and loyal following for your biz
  • The unique posting formula for YOUR business
  • How to be found by your ideal audience - every time
  • How to make the algorithm work in your favour (and keep it working)
  • The types content to be posting as a brand on Instagram
  • Your Instagram niche and how to validate your offers
  • Maximum visibility with engagement on tap and one-click sales + TONS more!!

The strategies I teach inside my program are the same strategies I used in my business to hit six figure sales last year. I want that same level of success for you



What life would look like if you had access to a proven Instagram marketing system and ongoing supportive community. You'd be able to:

  • Accelerate your impact 
  • Increase your income
  • Create the life you desire for yourself and your loved ones  

Now you've learnt 5 Instagram growth techniques, you're invited to join me inside of my Instagram for business marketing program, Hashtag Hustle.

Get access to me via group coaching, transformative courses and trainings + become part of a network of ambitious (big-hearted) females in business.  

I will be mentoring hundreds of women through this program, women that are just like you. I will be there to support you live over the next 6 weeks.  

I will not be running this program again, live in 2018. Don't let another year, month, week or even day go past without giving yourself permission to transform.

Let's create BIG change for you.  

You may be wondering why other people are moving ahead on Instagram, while you falling behind.

You’re not alone... Tricky algorithms have put the brakes on non-strategic growth, hiding your posts with perfection so that even if you pour your heart & soul into a post - you’re still stuck talking to yourself.  

Good for therapy, not so good for your bottom line!  

So you try something else? Maybe download a new freebie, watch another Youtube video about ‘how to crack the algorithm’, or go nuts with hashtags you’ve copied from someone else? Maybe jump to another platform, a new & shiny social media platform that just came out and has so much possibility (but nobody actually on it...)?  

Or copy what someone else is doing and wonder why it didn’t work when you did exactly the same thing?  

But you keep trying... Because something has to work. Anything.

Growing your business with Instagram shouldn't be like trying to fill a leaky bucket. It should be fun!

And the only thing standing between you and success on Instagram is a solid, intentional strategy

  • The unique posting formula for YOUR business
  • How you'll be found by your ideal audience - every time
  • How to make the algorithm work in your favour (and keep it working)
  • Your Instagram niche and how to validate your offers
  • Maximum visibility with enagement on tap and one-click sales

No more trial and error.

Even if you've struggled with Instagram before, hopped on and off like you were joyriding an escalator, or have no idea where to start....

You're not too late to claim your space on Instagram. In fact, now is the BEST time to get serious about Instagram because you can build your ideal audience, stand out and get ongoing results - all without having to throw endless piles of advertising money at it!

Hi! I'm

I'm the founder and chief hustler at Mums With Hustle, where I teach my tribe of female entrepreneurs how to nail it in all things biz. I'm also a professional Instagram biz strategist. 

Yes, I LOVE Instagram for business!

I've reverse engineered the strategy that I use personally (and that I share with my private clients) so that you can have the same success.

Every girl could use an experienced wing-woman when it comes to growing your brand presence on Insta - and I'm right there helping you through!


For women who want to grow their ideal audience and consistently turn followers into customers

Discover how to attract your DREAM followers, have them take action and CONVERT, so you can step into the successful business you were MEANT to have!

With Hashtag Hustle, you'll be able to:

Increase your engagement 

In the form of likes, comments, tags, reposts and clicks.

 Grow your targeted following 

So you're not just converting, you're doing it big time!

Eliminate the guesswork  

Get your ROI sorted, measuring success in sales, not emojis.

Save time  

No more feeling like a slave to your marketing - you've got this!

Embrace the ease  

By getting clear, intentional and applying a simple, structured approach.

Get noticed  

Expand your reach with purposeful collaborations and business building opportunities. Hello #viral!

I loved the Hashtag Hustle course! The video format was great, and I loved being able to work at my own pace and get support along the way from the FB group. As a new business owner this course was instrumental in taking my understanding of Instagram to the next level, and I've grown my followers from a few hundred to now close to 6,000! Thank you, Tracy! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding of Instagram and hashtags.

Cathy Nelson-Williams -The Nursery Collective

Here's what's inside this game-changing training:

  • 5 x QUIZZES  
  • 17 x VIDEO LESSONS  


  • How to get intentional with your hashtags, be savvy and get found (even by audiences you hadn't thought of yet!)  
  • When and where to post those hashtags, so you're getting maximum visibility (without having to beg or shout)  
  • The power of niched hashtags, how intention can help you, and how to rustle up a tribe of organic followers (without spending a cent)


  • The super common mistakes that have been giving you Insta-nightmares  
  • The 8 types of hashtags you need to avoid, including the ones that attract bots or send your followers on a one-way trip to your biggest competitor
  • Everything you need to know about shadow banning (and how to know if it's happening to you!)
  • The right number of hashtags that will keep your account in the Insta-star category


  • How to find your ideal followers using hashtags (and actually get excited them to hit 'follow')
  • Adventures in Hashtag Stories (and how this free feature can change everything for you)
  • How to follow hashtags, not just accounts (and the epic lift this can give your business)


  • How the right hashtags can open up a world of opportunity and collaboration (hello, influencers!)
  • The ins and outs of branded hashtags (including when you should get one and what it should be)
  • Campaign hashtags for promos & giveaways that sweep across Instagram like wildfire
  • The essential community hashtags that work better than paid advertising


  • Which hashtags YOU should use, no matter what your competitors are throwing around
  • The 10 easy steps you need to take to find your winning hashtag bank
  • Your unique posting formula, so Instagram is an easy street from here on out
  • Hashtag health checks (does it really belong in your hashtag bank?)
  • Hashtag breakdown (so you know how many of each type of hashtag you should actually use and why)
  • Getting intentional and being time savvy with hashtags

Valued at $899

In-depth support when you need it most

Private Mastermind Community Valued at $499

Join the alumni of seasoned graduates who are ready and waiting to help you with (almost!) anything. You'll be able to collaborate and form partnerships or match with an accountability buddy who understands exactly what you're going through.  

My team and I will be in the group giving feedback and answering questions, so if you're ever struggling or need help, you're not alone!

No question is too great or small and nobody falls through the cracks.  

4 Facebook LIVE Q&A Sessions Valued at $599

Hashtag Hustle is very much a supported program, which means you're encouraged to ask your Instagram questions. Join me for my scheduled Lives with your questions, from anywhere within the Hashtag Hustle content (it's okay if you're moving ahead or at your own pace).  

Can't make it live? You're still covered!  

If you can't join us live or there's a chance you'll miss it, drop your question into the group, and I'll answer it during the Live session.

You can watch the replay at any time and ask follow-up questions with the alumni & I. 

Want a peek inside?

Take a quick look at a sample of one of the lessons inside Hashtag Hustle


The Hashtag Hustle course was fantastic! I had a good understanding of hashtags and Instagram prior to the course, but it has helped me really define my audience and gain confidence knowing my content is getting in front of the right eyes! I love that I can continue to go back over the course in my own time and learn alongside other students in the Facebook group. I highly recommend the course for new and established businesses. There's something for everyone! Thanks Tracy for my confidence in Insta again!  

Tara Brady - Baby Bow Club 


I know you wanna take your Insta game to the next level...

Check out these amazing bonuses.  


Valued at $349

How do you seperate yourself from the others in your crowded market place? You understand your niche and you master your avatar, that's how!  

If you’d like to better better understand your niche positioning and really begin to master your marketing, branding, and USP, then this course is for you!  

Over video 5 lessons, you’ll discover the importance of these fundamental steps in developing your solid business plan and strategy. You'll be given a step-by-step walk through on how to truly master your niche and customer avatar, using the exact strategies I used to generate six figures in my first 14 months of business and build my online audience to over 40,000 women organically - with zero ad spend.  

You’ll access my templates, script, and worksheets that I use with my 1:1 coaching clients to help you get in front of your ideal audience and get you generating income and impacting lives.  

Angela Sibley Decor Me


Julia Illingworth Jilly Jumbles


Annette McIntosh Danger and Moon



Valued at $99

Hashtags are the thing that will take you from shouting at no one to becoming heard and visible in front of THOUSANDS of perfectly targeted Insta users! However, just because they're an easy way to maximise exposure, doesn't mean the little tags themselves are not more complex.  

How complex? They're always changing - new ones pop up, old ones drop off, some get broken or even "shadow banned."  

If the thought of sifting through hundreds of hashtags to see if they're still relevant, working or perfect for you seems like extra homework that you don't deserve, and before you go all cray-cray experimenting on your own, you should check out my swipe file of top hashtags.

That's right, the research is already done for you!  

This handy little file includes 450+ of the top hashtags across 15 of Instagram's most popular niches:  

Motherhood | Lifestyle | Creatives |Business + Entrepreneurship | Health + Fitness | Fashion | Makeup + Beauty | Food + Beverage | Baby + Children | Home + Interiors + Decor | Photography | Weddings | Travel | Outdoors + Nature | Coaching + Motivation  

Integrating some of these hashtags into your overall strategy (that you develop in Hashtag Hustle!) will be the kickstart you need in marketing your biz successfully on Instagram.

Before starting my biz, I had absolutely no idea where to start. Tracy helped me narrow down my target audience. Prior to speaking to Tracy, I thought it was fine to target ‘mums’. But what type of mum was I speaking to? What did they like? What didn’t they like? These were all questions I didn’t know I needed to ask. I would not have been able to achieve what I have in such a short time without Tracy.

Jazze Jervis - The Calm Compound

When it comes to using, enjoying & rocking Instagram, Tracy at MWH is your girl!! She is a wealth of knowledge & ALWAYS shares the best tips for getting the most out of the platform. The best bit... her learnings are easy to follow & make you want to take action NOW!! (which is awesome because it's like you have your own biz coach!!) Thank YOU.

Milk and Cookies by Jewels



Valued at $149

Learn how to create your own on-brand, professional graphics to use in your next Instagram post or Instagram Story!

  • Learn how to create a colour palette
  • Discover how to create custom covers for your Instagram Highlights reel
  • Learn what goes into creating text graphics (like branded memes or inspirational and motivational quotes)
  • Become efficient and consistent in your brand messaging as you learn how to make your own custom branded templates (perfect for when you release your next blog post, podcast episode, run your giveaway or do your brand rep search)

This is a tutorial for business owners who want to develop trusted and recognisable branding across Instagram, without having to outsource to a designer.




Best value

One payment of


  • Lifetime Access to Hashtag Hustle
  • HH Mastermind Group 
  • 4 x Live Q&A
  • Workbook
  • Hashtag Swipefile
  • Mastering your Avatar 
  • Creating Instagram Graphics  


3 Payments

3 monthly payments of


  • Lifetime Access to Hashtag Hustle
  • HH Mastermind Group 
  • 4 x Live Q&A
  • Workbook
  • Hashtag Swipefile
  • Mastering your Avatar
  • Creating Instagram Graphics  


6 Payments

6 monthly payments of


  • Lifetime Access to Hashtag Hustle
  • HH Mastermind Group 
  • 4 x Live Q&A
  • Workbook
  • Hashtag Swipefile
  • Mastering your Avatar 
  • Creating Instagram Graphics  





I want you to be happy with your investment in Hashtag Hustle, so if it didn't deliver, simply request a refund within 14 days and send through your workbook, Instagram screenshots and your receipt. However, I know every single strategy I give you has been proven over and over, so while I don't think you'll need this, I want you to feel certain that this program is the REAL DEAL. It works!

Tracy has changed the way I think about biz, and in particular blogging and Instagram! She's helped me navigate my avatar, niche down into the perfect biz strategy and given me so much inspiration and guidance when I needed it most.  

Thank you so much Tracy for helping me build my little hobby into a full time biz!  

Ellen The Stylist Mama

Say #hello to:

  • Off the charts engagement, so your posts aren't just pretty mutterings to yourself - they're liked, loved, swiped up and generating revenue!
  • THOUSANDS of ideal customers, waiting to see what you've got for them next.
  • A unique Instagram strategy that works FOR YOU, so you're not looking for the magic solution anymore (because you already have it!).
  • The confidence to know that you're posting the right content, at the right time, and it will BE SEEN. 


Instagram for your business can be fun - and there has never been a better time to build your following and really take advantage of the ready-to-say-yes audience.  

Forget pods, shadow banning, dropping in endless random hashtags and hoping they might work - this program shows you simple strategies that will deliver MEASURABLE results.  

Hashtag Hustle includes years of strategies and lessons that I've reverse-engineered and perfected for you so that you can skip the trial and error - 'cause I've already done it for you! This is your direct access to the methods I've used to build my entire business, including an Instagram community of over 25,000 followers and an annual income that let me retire my husband (though really, behind the scenes he's working harder than ever!).

And while I know you love getting a bunch of double-taps and having hearts rain on your posts, watching Instagram help grow YOUR revenue is SO much better!


You're going to be raving about Hashtag Hustle if...

  • You're passionate about sharing what you do with THOUSANDS of people and would LOVE to turn it into your full-time income. Some of the Hashtag Hustle alumni came in with a hobby they adored and left with a full-time biz!
  • You've ever felt invisible on Instagram and wondered where your engagement is hiding and why your follower count is behaving like a yo-yo. 
  • You're completely OVER trying out yet another freebie 'tip' or signing up for another list, when all you really want to do is build an audience and serve them. Quite simply, you're done with all that hoo-ha and clickbait that goes nowhere, you're ready for an Instagram strategy that WORKS.

Still have questions?

Do I need a business account on Instagram to do this course?

Having a business account is an easy, free switch that we'll show you how to do. It opens up new metrics and analytics for you, so while the course doesn't require it, your success kind of (really totally) does.

I haven’t launched my business on Instagram yet. Is this course something I am ready for?

Absolutely! It’s always better to put the ground work in and set yourself a strong foundation for success, rather than winging it, wasting time and regretting it later. Plus, you’ll always have the course there to access time and time again as you progress on your Insta journey.  

In fact, one of our most successful students built her audience THEN launched. Guess who her first customers were? (Pretty common story actually!)  

Can I access the training right away, or do I have to wait for lessons to be released?

The training will be accessible on April 3, 2018. From then, you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Feel free to speed ahead or wander through in your spare moments!  

Can I access the training right away, or do I have to wait for lessons to be released?

The training will be accessible on April 3, 2018. From then, you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Feel free to speed ahead or wander through in your spare moments!  

I'm doing reasonably well on Instagram already, is this program for me for?

If you're looking to grow your engagement, have more fun and measure your results in sales, then Hashtag Hustle can definitely help you. That's one of the great things about Instagram - there's no cap on how successful you can be once you leverage its full power.  

I have a lot going on! How much time will this take me?

We have had some students complete it over a weekend! Others like to complete one module per week (five in total). This gives them time to implement the strategies from the lessons and come back when they are ready to move forward. The course is flexible and with lifetime access, it can work around your scedule.

When will I get access to the Private Mastermind?

As soon as the course kicks off from the 3rd of April.  

I haven't quite nailed my target demographics yet. Will this program help me do that?

Not only that, but you'll have the keys to jump into their head and move in.  

What if I don't see results after I do the work?

This course is a proven success path, so if you have completed all lessons and the workbook, taken the prescribed actions and implemented them on Instagram (and you can show all this to me), and you still haven’t seen improvement in your Insta success, then I will personally refund your money provided it is within 14 days of the course kicking off.  

Will Hashtag Hustle be open again soon?

Not in 2018.  

Is there a payment plan? How does it work?

 Yes, we do offer a payment plan option. You can pay for the course over 3 or 6 monthly payments. Just select the payment plan option above.  

I want to thank you for creating this course. Before taking Hashtag Hustle, I had a difficult time using the right hashtags. After the course, I was able to use the correct hashtags for my business. Therefore this put me in the right place, so my niche followers could find me. I now have more of the right followers!

Erika Nunez - Erika's Learning Resources